A unique scholarship program for high potential girls from low socioeconomic circumstances

When you educate a girl you break the vicious cycle of poverty. Girls supported with equipment, money for resources and tutoring and coaching will be much more likely to complete high school and undertake further education after school. A girl will earn up to 25% more income for each year of additional education. She is more likely to invest in her children’s education and wellbeing and support their studies. The education and success of girls will lead to a more prosperous and responsible society. It will also stimulate economic growth. The education can raise families out of poverty, and accelerate economic development. It has a multiplier effect like no other. The work that the Harding Miller Education Foundation does is part of a community working toward the success of three of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more here.


Quinn Scholarships for Queenslands

 The Quinn Femelle have joined forces with the HMEF to support disadvantaged young women across Queensland. 

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2021 Scholarship applications are now open


Learn about the most generous scholarship program in Australia for bright girls dealing with hardship.

COVD-19 Update 

Hear from our Executive Director on how our program is adapting to support scholars during COVID-19.   

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The Harding Miller Education Foundation is a registered charity in Australia, recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution advancing the cause of education. Donations are tax deductible with 100% going directly to scholarship recipients. We don’t just write cheques and hope for the best. We have a multi-layered support system designed to ensure our girls make the most of their scholarships.

Every cent of your donation goes directly to our girls. The Foundation covers all admin costs through a founding corpus.

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As a syndicate of 5 you can support a local student who is disadvantaged with a HMEF Scholarship, for less than $90 a month!

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Our volunteer coaches say it’s a real pleasure to help develop and guide their girls to academic success.


Meet our inspiring scholars, their coaches and teachers


I always have a book in my hand!


I’ve never had much of a family.


I’ll be the first person in my family to finish the HSC.


My Mum struggles to buy food.


The Foundation is making such a difference in these brilliant girls’ lives.


I cannot explain what a huge difference this scholarship will make.