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“Education has the power to change the world, and scholarships hold the power to change the course of your lives. Education for women is critical and scholarships can achieve that for all women. With strong educational backgrounds, women have the capacity to achieve their goals and create financial freedom for both themselves and their families. Isn’t that a perfect blend?

I have been awarded the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact a scholarship can have on one’s education. My life has been completely changed for the better because of a high school scholarship through the Harding Miller Education Foundation.”

– Hibba, Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholar
HMEF Scholar
HMEF Scholar

Why do we focus on girls?

Educating girls works to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Girls who are supported with equipment, money for resources, tutoring and coaching are more likely to complete high school and undertake further education after school. 

For each additional year of education, a woman’s income will increase by up to 25%. Women who are mothers are more likely to invest in their children’s education and wellbeing, and support their studies.

The education and success of girls leads to a more prosperous and equitable society. It raises families out of poverty and accelerates economic development.

Advance girls' education across Australia

The Harding Miller Education Foundation is a registered charity in Australia, recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution advancing the cause of education. We give our scholars the tools, resources, experiences and support they need to learn on a level playing field with their more financially advantaged peers.

All donations are tax deductible with 100% of funds donated going directly to scholarship recipients.

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