Quinn Scholarships for Queenslanders

Together we can change lives

The Harding Miller Education Foundation is proud to partner with the Quinn Femelle Foundation to provide Quinn scholarships for students in Queensland. Quinn Femelle supports 25 scholarships every year for scholars across Queensland.

Quinn Femelle is focused on supporting women and the progress of equal opportunity for those who are disadvantaged across Australia. It supports long-term sustainable goals that target the future prosperity of Australians, and in particular Queenslanders. Its priority areas are health, education, especially in relation to children and youth.

2023 Quinn Femelle Scholars at Brisbane Awards Night

Quinn scholarships are awarded to girls entering Year 9 at public high schools across Queensland. The scholarship criteria are:
1. Proven high academic results or potential
2. Dedication to studies
3. Demonstrated socio-economic hardship

Every scholarship comes with a high-quality laptop in the first year as well as four years of online IT support, high-speed internet, $2,500 worth of online or face to face tutoring, online homework help, and prepaid expense cards for essential school needs. A personal coach is also assigned to each scholar, providing support and mentorship throughout the four-year program. The scholarship further includes an enrichment program, exposing scholars to diverse career experiences and expanding their perspectives on potential tertiary education paths.