Quinn Scholarships for Queenslanders

Together we can change lives

The Quinn Femelle is HMEF’s most significant philanthropic partner providing at least 25 scholarships every year for deserving girls across Queensland.

Scholarships will be awarded to young women entering Year 9 at public high schools across Queensland. The scholarship criteria is:

  1. Proven high academic potential
  2. Dedication to their studies
  3. Demonstrated financial or personal hardship

As a matriarchal foundation, they are focused on supporting women and the progress of equal opportunity for those who are disadvantaged across Australia. The Quinn Femelle PAF focuses on long-term sustainable goals that target the future prosperity of Australians and in particular Queenslanders. 

Their priority areas are health, education, as well as children and youth and their generosity, is advancing the cause of women across all of these sectors of society.

Scholarships for Queenslanders