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2022 applications will open in July 2021

‘If you want to change a nation, to change our planet, educate a girl.’ – Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, 2015.

HMEF Scholarships

‘We know that girls in economically disadvantaged families don’t have access to the equipment, resources and services that girls from better off families have,’ says Cara Varian, the Executive Director for the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

‘We’re giving scholarship recipients what they need to succeed. The scholarships include computers, internet access, money for other equipment and access to tutoring and mentoring to make their final years of schooling a success.’

COVID-19 has increased the need and urgency for our scholarships as students from low socioeconomic circumstances across Australia are noticeably lacking the resources needed to learn effectively in our changing world. It is for this reason that our scholarships have never been more critical.

The Harding Miller Education Foundation is offering scholarships for eligible girls in public secondary schools across Australia. Our education foundation focuses on financial hardship and learning potential specifically for female students across government high schools.

2021 scholarship applications have now closed

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions outline the scholarship, eligibility requirements and more. Please download and review prior to applying for a scholarship.


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Application Guidelines

For information about, scholarship eligibility, selection criteria, the selection process and information needed for the online application form, please download and read the HMEF Application Guidelines prior to applying for a scholarship. 

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