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There are many ways corporate Australia can support our scholars. 

The Harding Miller Education Foundation gave away their first scholarship in 2016. Each scholarship is valued at $20,000 over four years and provides resources and support to girls with high academic potential who are experiencing low socio-economic circumstances. We support female students who are studying at Australian High Schools between Year 9 and 12.

We support girls in public education because we know that this investment returns more to their families, our community and Australian society. We know that educating girls has the power to lift families out of poverty – preventing the cycle of inter-generational reliance on government support.

Setting up HMEF for workplace giving (or including us in your existing program)

Workplace giving allows employees to donate pre-tax dollars to their chosen
charity through their regular pay process. We can assist your pay cell to set up workplace giving in your organisation. We can also provide support to assist you to promote this option to your staff. The most effective workplace giving programs are those where the organisation matches the employees giving, increasing both the value of the donation and the ‘buy-in’ from staff. We are also a member of the Good2Give workplace giving platform, so visit their site to see if your company offers a way of easily donating to your favourite charity. Here is also some more general information about Workplace Giving.

Staff involvement through participating in our coaching program for students

Many organisations encourage staff to volunteer their time to organisations who support their community. If this is of interest to you we can promote the coaching program to your staff and hold coach training sessions and catch up at your offices. The coach role matches a coach (once checked and trained) to a student to provide regular support to help them make the most of the scholarship and their school experience.

Offering work experience or internships to scholarship recipients

Along with our aim to help these student to achieve the best academic results that they can, we also want to help them grow their career aspirations. One of the best ways to do this is to provide them with experiences to understand new professional careers that they aren’t exposed to in their family and community networks. We can work with you to match students to your organisation to help them learn more about what you and what career options you provide. Regardless of which option you choose, we would keep you up to date on the progress of the scholarship recipient who you support.

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