What Is A High School Scholarship And How To Apply For One

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What Is a High School Scholarship, and How Do I Apply for One?

High school scholarships are an important instrument for supporting young people in need by removing the socioeconomic inequality that inherently exists in modern society.

High school can be an exciting time in children’s education as they learn more about the world and their own interests and talents. However, for many young people who live in poverty or who don’t have the support of their families, this can be a challenging time. Families might not have the means or the know-how to give their children the necessary assistance during this period of growth and transition, which can further deepen the inequality between students.

At Harding Miller Education Foundation, we understand the difference education can make, not only in the student’s life but in society as a whole. Quality education, particularly for women, can remove intergenerational poverty, create new opportunities and encourage social innovation and development. That’s why we created our high school scholarship for girls, which acknowledges their potential and supports them fully throughout years 9 to 12.

What Is a High School Scholarship?

Secondary education in Australia can cost anywhere from $,3708 to $30,000 per year, depending on the educational institution. This can put a serious financial strain on families and have negative repercussions for long-term livelihoods of their children.

High school scholarships offer financial support toward the full cost of high school education, and these can be granted by the government, independent foundations or the educational institution itself. The scholarship usually covers tuition fees, books and laptop costs, tutoring, living expenses and accommodation. The aim of the scholarship is to remove the financial burden from the student and their family so that the student can focus solely on learning.

The Harding Miller High School Scholarships

Our high school scholarships in Australia are aimed at girls who come from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background and who demonstrate great academic potential. Our scholarship is different from most other scholarships because our focus goes beyond financial support, and we make sure that each girl has all the necessary academic and emotional assistance to make the most out of her high school education.

Recipients of our scholarships get $20,000 per year for year 9 to year 12, with the following support:

  • Funds for reliable internet connection and a laptop
  • School uniforms, excursions and other operational expenses
  • $2,500 per year for tutoring
  • Access to Studiosity for help with homework
  • Coaching to make sure the students are making the most of their scholarship

We believe that the best scholarships for high school seniors have a holistic approach toward helping children and take into account their overall psychological, emotional and financial circumstances. We have supported hundreds of girls in their education already, and we know that 50% hold a leadership position in their school, whereas 85% have a clear idea on how they’d like to proceed with their tertiary education.

How to Apply for the Harding Miller Scholarship

Our application process is very straightforward. We want to encourage as many students to apply as possible. Each year we extend the number of scholarships we can offer.

To qualify for our scholarship, the student needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be in Y8 at the time of application
  • Attend Australian public school
  • Be an Australian citizen or resident
  • Come from a disadvantaged background, such as low income or low parental education
  • Have proof of academic potential from their school principal
  • Demonstrate leadership potential by involvement in extracurricular activities in the community

Applications for scholarships are available on our website. To apply, click on Apply for a Scholarship. Our applications for 2021 open in the middle of July 2020, so make a note of this link and start preparing the necessary documentation. You can easily save your application and return to it at a later date, so you can work on it at your own pace.

What to Expect After You’ve Applied

Once the application process is closed, all applications are reviewed by a panel from the Harding Miller Education Foundation, the Department of Education, Public Education Foundation and independent panel members.

The panel reviews the applications based on merit and makes recommendations to the HMEF Board. All successful applicants and their parents or guardians will be notified via email of the outcome of their application.

The scholarship is initially awarded for two years. Students are required to take a survey and to submit their grade reports at the end of each year to demonstrate their progress. If academic requirements are met, the scholarship is extended for another two years.

Get in Touch

Applying for a scholarship requires upfront preparation and planning for the best outcomes. Applicants need to gather all necessary documentation and recommendation letters and work on their personal essays that support their application. If you have or know a child who meets the criteria outlined above, please call us at 1300 103 896, and one of our staff members would be happy to help. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news on our scholarship and the difference it makes in girls’ education.


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