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Careers In Focus Webinar Series

Last year we launched HMEF’s Careers in Focus monthly webinar sessions.

We invite all our girls to attend these 25-minute session so they can hear about a diverse range of career paths and the challenges that different women have had to overcome.

These sessions are a wonderful way for our scholars to learn about different career opportunities and “meet” different women with diverse interests and personalities and see how they have all achieved career success in their own right.

These sessions are only available to HMEF scholars as well as their HMEF personal coaches.

Previous Sessions

#1 July 2020 – Marketing & Communications Specialist (Stedfast Group Ltd)

#2 Aug 2020 – Procurement & Supply Chain Manager (Broadspectrum)

#3 Sep 2020 – Director of Real Estate – Accountant (Ernst & Young -EY)

#4 Oct 2020-  Paediatric Retrieval Nurse (NETS)

#5 Nov 2020 – Engineer (BHP)

#6 Jan 2021 – Commercial Manager – Quantity Surveyor (Lendlease)

Procurement & Supply Chain Manager & Procurement & Supply Chain Manager session feedback“As a result of the sessions I’ve attended, I’ve learned about how crucial procurement can be in increasing a company/ organisation’s profit and how they acquire goods for their business. I have also learned about the different aspects of accountancy and how it is a vital position in running a successful business. Accountancy helps a business with profit, loss, debts, expenses and keeps the business in place.

I attend these sessions because I enjoy learning about various careers, as well as to have a wider understanding about them.”

Paediatric Retrieval Nurse (NETS) session feedback“Hi just emailing to say thank you for organising such an amazing session- as someone who wants to go into paediatric nursing I found it really interesting

Thank you for offering the opportunity to us girls I really appreciated it 😊


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