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We start to accept applications for 2024 scholarships in July 2023. The application period runs during Term 3 every year and closes in September.

During this time, the team at the Foundation connect with public schools around Australia via email marketing and social media to share the details, criteria and application information. For the first time last year, we held a webinar for Principals and school contacts. We had over 80 register for this event. Each year we target different States and Territories and/or different regions where application submissions are low or non-existent. We send a pack of information and follow up with calls and email communications to connect to these schools (largely in low socio or regional areas). Last year we targeted areas of WA, VIC, TAS and selective schools in NSW. We also work with third parties to grow awareness of the scholarship program, promoting the scholarships through the various Secondary Principal Associations, the Smith Family, State Education Departments and other not-for-profit organisations.

Our key message focused on finding students who meet ALL three of the criteria to ensure applicants were suitable for the Harding Miller Scholarships. Each year we assemble panels of principals, education experts, HMEF representatives and independent professionals to review all applications. Judging will be done in October with our moderation and board review done in November. Applicants for scholarships commencing the following year will be notified in early December.

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