HMEF Scholars awarded at the 2023 NSW Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence

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The Harding Miller Education Foundation has proudly celebrated the achievement of three outstanding Year 12 scholarship recipients. The HMEF scholars, Khawlah Albaf, C-K Crosbie, and Kiara Risnes, each received the prestigious Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement. The award ceremony celebrated the 2023 NSW Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence which was held at the Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday, 5 September 2023.

The Award ceremony was hosted by the NSW Public Education Foundation on behalf of the Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning the Hon Prue Car MP, and the Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Mr Murat Dizdar PSM. The awards are held each year and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of schools, students, teachers, employees, and parents in the NSW public education sector. The Excellence in Student Achievement award received by the three Harding Miller scholars recognises outstanding Year 12 students who have excelled in their secondary years across academic excellence, sports, cultural, community and leadership. There are approximately 67,000 students in Year 12 in NSW this year and only 40 students across New South Wales received one of these awards. For three HMEF scholars to receive one of these prestigious awards is a fantastic achievement and is a testament to the success of the HMEF scholarship program in providing high potential girls an opportunity to reach their goals and be successful. Congratulations to Khawlah, C-K and Kiara!


Khawlah Albaf – Young High School

Khawlah Albaf displays an outstanding degree of character and values, which she consistently demonstrates through her daily actions, serving as an inspirational role model. Her exceptional leadership and teamwork skills are exemplified by her ability to collaborate within a team, while consistently attaining remarkable levels of success academically and as a school leader. Khawlah’s active involvement in state and federal youth leadership teams shows her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact in her community.

C-K Crosbie – St Johns Park High School

C-K Crosbie is an inspiring young woman who is motivated to succeed. She has demonstrated a love of learning and a commitment to achieve, both personally and academically. C-K is well respected and displays resilience, empathy and honesty. She has maintained an extremely high academic standard throughout her high school years and strives to achieve her goals. Held in high esteem by both her peers and teachers, she has fulfilled her role as School Captain with dignity. C-K possesses all the qualities of an exemplary student who is recognised for her motivation to overcome barriers and attain academic excellence.

Kiara Risnes – Leumeah High School

Kiara Risnes is an exceptional student who, in spite of her blindness, has always demonstrated positive engagement, an incredible work ethic, commitment and dedication to her academic pursuits. Kiara consistently achieves academic results at the top of her cohort and is excelling in Music 2. She aspires to attend university and pursue a career in music. She is recognised by her peers and teachers as an outstanding role model in our school and the broader community. Kiara is an exemplary representation of Leumeah High School and the values of public education. She is a most worthy recipient of the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement.


We are proud of our three scholars’ achievements and we wish them all the best in what lies ahead.

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