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They are National. Our scholarships began in NSW in 2016 and very quickly we received applications from all states and territories.  To date we have awarded over 470 scholarships across every state and territory of Australia.

Yes, you need to be in Year 8 to apply. Here are our guidelines:

  • Entering Year 9 in the following year
  • Attends an Australian Public School
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Experiencing personal or socioeconomic hardship
  • Evidence or testimony from the School Principal of high academic potential
  • Demonstrated motivation to achieve academically and professionally. including an intention to carry on to tertiary education
  • Demonstrated interest in extracurricular. community or leadership activities will be considered favourably

It’s really easy to apply. Click this link, which can also be found on the top right hand corner of the website under “Apply now for a 2021 Scholarship” and start the process. You can start, save and then come back to your application at any time but all applications must be in by the close of business on the 16th of October, 2020.

You can only apply in Year 8 as scholarships are only for Year 9 girls, so no unfortunately you can’t apply across multiple years.

Your grades need to be strong and show potential academically. Your attitude and commitment to study and doing well at school also needs to be evident in your application. Here are the criteria.

Yes you can. As long as you meet our criteria. We are happy for you to have multiple scholarships.

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply.

We receive hundreds of applications every year and this is increasing each year. We are also increasing the number of scholarships available each year.

The number of scholarships we award increases every year. We are expecting to offer at least 110 in 2020.

A range of factors contribute to disadvantage. In our experience we generally see this manifesting in an inter-connected combination of the following factors:

  • – Students suffering misfortune or destitution
  • – Very low income or experiencing financial hardship
  • – Family violence or dysfunction
  • – Students living in Out Of Home Care
  • – Students or their family member living with a disability
  • – Parents with an immigrant. asylum or refugee background
  • – Identification as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • – Identification as a Pacific or South Sea Islander
  • – Geographic isolation
  • – Low parental or carer academic achievement.

Yes the scholarships are all the same across all parts of Australia.

The Quinn scholarships are exactly the same as the HMEF scholarships. They are financed and supported by the Quinn Femelle Foundation which is why they are called the Quinn Scholarships for Queenslanders.

As part of the criteria you need your principal to give you a reference. Your reference can be written by an Assistant Principal or a Year Co-ordinator but needs to be signed by the principal and it needs to be on school letterhead.

These scholarships are only for girls. We know that when you educate a girl the vicious cycle of poverty can be broken in a way like no other strategy can which is why we focus on girls.

No. If you complete your HSC and graduate from the scholarship, the laptop is yours to keep.

New scholarships are valued at approximately $20,000 over the course of 4 years. Scholarships are provided as a ‘toolkit’ that students can use to support their pursuit of academic excellence.

Successful applicants for 2020 will receive the following 2 years’ support:
o High quality lap-top and help desk support
o 4G mobile broadband including 6GB internet per month
o $2,500.00 of ‘face to face’ tutoring per year
o Subscription to an online study help provider
o $600.00 pre-paid card for school expenses per year
o Mentoring from a personal coach

A set of selection panels will review all scholarship applications and assess them against the selection criteria. The selection panels will include representatives from The Public Education Foundation, the Harding Miller Education Foundation, The Department of Education and independent panel members.

After considering all applications, the selection panel will provide their recommendations to the Harding Miller Education Foundation Board for their approval.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by email. If successful, the scholarship recipient’s principal and parent/guardian will also be notified.

Yes! Please call the Harding Miller Education Foundation on 1300 103 896 or email the Harding Miller Education Foundation on We are happy to assist.