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ByCara Varian

Supporting Queensland Girls Education

Supporting Queensland Girls To Excel

It’s not by chance that the Quinn Femelle Foundation, a Queensland based private, family foundation chose to collaborate with Harding Miller. They were actively researching Australian scholarship programs that would focus on providing  educational support for girls across Queensland – high potential girls that is, who are from low socio economic circumstances. 

Harding Miller, established in 2015 is the premier scholarship program for girls across Australia. It is the most generous academic program of it’s kind, having awarded over 600, 4 year, $20,000 scholarships to girls since inception. HMEF has built a model that empowers philanthropists to make a valuable and evidence base difference through their giving. It is unquestionable and identified by the UN sustainable development goals, that supporting the next generation  of women to advance will see future systemic and societal improvements globally.

Harding Miller is focused on establishing formidable partnerships that aim to rewrite the future for Australian girls in need.  We are an Australian Public Benevolent organisation established with the clear purpose to show indisputable impact, both for our scholars and at the broader systemic and societal level. Deep, inter-generational, positive impact – we’re in it for the long haul, says Cara Varian, HMEF’s Executive Director.

2020 was the first year of the HMEF/Quinn alliance which resulted in 25 Queensland state school students beginning their 4 year, $20,000 scholarships in Year 9. In 2021 the Quinn’s supported 30 more girls and every year for the foreseeable future, Queensland will see at least 25 girls a year receive these life changing opportunities.

One of the Quinn Femelle scholars is Kya Dulhunty from Bribie Island State High School. “The school award I received for 2020 was the Academic Excellence Award. This is awarded to the top 10% of students at each year level. ” Kya wants to study Anthropology at University and is a straight A student.

Scholarship support begins with the essential tools and resources needed to make the most of their education. “It’s a fallacy that public education is free, says Cara, the cost of technology, data, textbooks, uniforms, school excursions, sport participation and other extra curricular activities all adds up and can easily enter the thousands of dollars. Multiply that by the number of siblings in the family and suddenly the financial strain for some families becomes untenable and its the kids that miss out who suffer the most.

ByCara Varian

What Is A Corporate Scholarship – Tell Me More!

What Is A HMEF Corporate Scholarship?

We’d like to introduce you to one of our corporate donors, Online Marketing Gurus

In 2020 OMG partnered with HMEF to establish the ‘Online Marketing Gurus Education Scholarship’ for bright disadvantaged girls in government high schools across Australia. 

Through their generosity two incredible young women are now entering their second year of a HMEF scholarship and absolutely nailing their studies!

Congratulations Khawlah and Britany.

Interested in getting your business involved with Harding Miller? Click here for more information and to make an online enquiry, 

ByCara Varian

HMEF Business Donor – Australian Wedding Rings

A small business owner makes a big impact through educational support

We’d like to introduce you to one of our small business donors, Alex Hernandez from Australian Wedding Rings.

Watch this video to learn more about Alex and the reasons why she donates to HMEF. 

Interested in getting your business involved with Harding Miller? Click here for more information and to make an online enquiry, 

ByCara Varian

The HMEF Team Raises Support In the 2020 Virtual City2Surf

The HMEF gals raising $$ for a 2021 scholarship

We donned our best sports wear and hit the inner west of Sydney to run a combined 14kms in the virtual City2Surf.

Our efforts were not in vain with an end result of just under $1K towards a scholarship for 2021. 

Just in case you need an introduction – the lady in red is our leader, Cara Varian and from the right we have Caroline Hill, Patricia Glackin, Lisa Wood and Melinda Zanello.

Together we are in our fifth year of operating the Harding Miller scholarship program across Australia.

ByCara Varian

Where Your Donation Goes And How It Helps

This Is Exactly Where Your Donation Goes And How It Helps

A Harding Miller scholarship donation is the most direct way for philanthropists around the world to support the increase in education for girls throughout Australia. Harding Miller scholarships are available to girls in all of Australia’s states and territories, meaning that no girl will be left behind in receiving the financial aid and social support required to complete their education, for a better chance at life.

As a fully registered Australian Charity, the Harding Miller Education Foundation offers complete transparency to its donors so you can be sure of exactly where your donation is going 100% of the time. 

How Your Donation Helps Girls Receive an Education

By being awarded a Harding Miller Education Foundation academic scholarship, girls are not only given the tools and resources that they need to complete their high school studies, but to build direct pathways to tertiary and further education in the future. Multiple studies have shown the positive effects on disrupting the poverty cycle from girls receiving a quality education. Our purpose at the Harding Miller Education Foundation is to provide resources, both financial and social, that girls from low socio-economic and disadvantaged backgrounds need to achieve their goals. 

The Harding Miller educational scholarship is a 4-year program supporting girls in public high schools around Australia from Year 9, through to the completion of Year 12. The scholarship program allocates donations directly to the girls in the program to ensure that they have all the tools required for a successful high school career. 

How Your Donation is Distributed

When you donate towards a Harding Miller educational scholarship, you can be assured that 100% of your donation is going directly to the girls in the scholarship program. Foundation running costs are funded under a separate corpus, so there is no need for concern that your donation is being misdirected. Scholarship donations are used to cover the costs of girls attending public high school in Australia and can be dispersed for many of the costs associated with studying including: 

  • Purchase of computers 
  • Internet running costs 
  • Money for essential equipment 
  • Subscription to an online study help provider
  • Annual fees for additional online tutoring 

In addition to the financial resources provided through donation, the Harding Miller Education Foundation also provides personal coaching and mentoring to each girl, from a team of volunteer coaches, for the duration of her scholarship. 

How Your Donation Makes a Difference in Young Lives

Girls are proven to earn up to 25% more income for each year of additional education they complete, and they are much more likely to invest in their children’s education in the future. Your donation to the Harding Miller scholarship program directly assists us in providing educational opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to young girls, at the very foundation of their educational career. 

The selection criteria for a Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarship focuses on girls with high academic potential who are experiencing disadvantage, to aid them in overcoming social and financial limitations. Providing an educational scholarship to girls in these kinds of situations helps to level the playing field with peers who are more socio-economically advantaged; effectively working towards closing the gap for disadvantaged students in receiving a quality education. 

Change a Life and Donate Today

Donating towards a Harding Miller scholarship is giving the gift of knowledge to young minds all around Australia. Whether your donation is a single gift of support, an ongoing family or community scholarship, or a corporate giving exercise, every single dollar received helps towards changing a girl’s life for the better. Support the growing movement for the education of girls around the world and donate to a Harding Miller educational scholarship today. 

ByCara Varian

What Is A Family Scholarship Donation – Tell Me More!

What Is A HMEF Family Scholarship?

We have a number of our donors who choose to support a full scholarship together with their family members.

This may be because they want to give back to a particular community or a girl from a particular background such as Indigenous or ATSI.

Each year they make payments totaling $5K. These can be made in one upfront payment or over the course of the year.

Below is a video of our of our Family donors, Deb Arnold discussing how she give along with her family and what it means to them to support girls education in their home town of Dubbo NSW.

To find out more about our Family Scholarships support opportunities please call the HM office on 1300 103 896 and ask for our Fundraising Manager.