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A supportive high school education is imperative in establishing a solid foundation to help children achieve their future career goals. Children from low socio-economic backgrounds are not always afforded the additional resources to help them reach their full potential. To give your child the best footing throughout their high schooling, consider applying for a scholarship for disadvantaged students. There are a number of great scholarship programs in Australia to choose from, and they can act as a vital tool to help bridge the economic gap that can set children from more privileged backgrounds on a more stable educational path.

A guide for scholarships for disadvantaged students

Taking the first step in applying for a scholarship for disadvantaged students involves choosing a program that suits your child’s requirements. At the Harding Miller Education Foundation, we provide financial aid to socio-economically disadvantaged girls across Australia to foster their educational potential. Split across four years, our $20,000 scholarship gives these girls the tools and resources to complete their high school education and build direct tertiary education pathways. We have awarded 600 scholarships since 2016 to over 320 schools across Australia, so if you’re looking to bolster your child’s high school education, consider applying with the Harding Miller Education Foundation (HMEF).

Requirements of our scholarships

To be eligible for an HMEF scholarship for disadvantaged students, applicants are required to meet a number of requirements. These criteria include the following:

  • A child must be a female student at a public high school in Australia.
  • They must be in year eight and entering year nine in 2022.
  • Your child must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • They must demonstrate high academic results or potential.
  • You must currently be experiencing low socioeconomic circumstances.

The majority of our current scholars are from families that struggle to put food on the table and don’t have the capacity to purchase resources like computers, uniforms and textbooks. Our scholarships have enabled families to purchase the necessary tools and resources to facilitate the needs of bright young women in their educational journey. We place them on a level playing field with students from privileged backgrounds.

The benefits of a scholarship for disadvantaged students

Designed to allow disadvantaged students the opportunity to make the most of their education, our scholarship for disadvantaged students includes a number of resources and financial support. These benefits include:

  • A high-quality laptop to facilitate online learning
  • IT support and high-speed internet access for remote learning
  • Comprehensive and regular online and in-person tutoring to the value of $2500
  • Online homework help facilities
  • Financial support for essential school resources

These benefits are given to our scholars every year for the duration of their four-year scholarship, as well as a personal coach who will guide them through the program and how to best take advantage of their benefits. Included in the scholarship for disadvantaged students is a growing and enrichment program, which introduces students to a broad range of career opportunities and tertiary education options.

Get in touch with HMEF for a scholarship for disadvantaged students

For more information on our unique scholarship programs, get in contact with us to speak to one of our friendly staff. Alternatively, you can explore the Harding Miller Education Foundation’s online application portal to understand more about our scholarships and begin applying. Enhance your child’s education and set them on a path for success today with the Harding Miller Education Foundation.

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