Together we can change lives


2018 is the third year of operations for the Foundation, and I am proud to have welcomed 76 new students to the Harding Miller Scholarship Program, bringing our total program numbers to 224 scholarship recipients across New South Wales and Victoria. The Foundation delivered the scholarship packs to each new student in the first term of school. Each pack included their own high-quality laptop, mobile data, and help desk support, along with tutoring, homework help, and a prepaid card for school expenses.

The scholarship recipients had support from over 39 diligent and passionate volunteer coaches. Over the course of this year, we delivered more than 8,000 hours of tutoring and over 300 hours of online homework help to our scholarship recipients. For the first time his year, we attracted significant media coverage across New South Wales. The media reporting was generated by our Awards Night and highlighted the individual achievements of each of the scholarship recipients in their local paper. The event, and the media coverage, is a powerful tool to build the confidence and personal expectations of the students who typically have not been afforded such support in the past. I want to say a special thanks to Alpha Consulting for the public relations support they provided to achieve this excellent media coverage.

This year also brought about a new but very important part of the scholarship program. Thanks to the generosity and vision of the University of New England, some of the Year 10 Harding Miller Scholars spent a couple of days at the university learning about campus life, faculty offerings, and residential options.

From little things, big things grow, and this two-day experience was the start of the creation of a specialised enrichment program designed to give each of our scholarship recipients experience, confidence and knowledge about universities, careers, and important skills to further break down the barriers to these amazing young women achieving at the highest levels.

Cara Varian